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1st October – 3rd November 2019. 50 Years of Twinning Karlsruhe Nottingham Connections

Art and Design in Partnership

The Shop at Lakeside, Djanogly Gallery, Nottingham Lakeside Arts

Universitiy Park, Nottingham NG7 2RD


Tuesday to Saturday 11am - 5pm Sunday 12noon - 4pm




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Karlsruhe Nottingham Conections, Exhibition Poster
Karlsruhe Nottingham Conections, Exhibition Poster

5th – 19th October 2019


IN FOCUS. Art – Science – Nature


Three different positions of contemporary media art and photography from artists Astrid Hansen, Birgit Spahlinger and Sabine Schäfer.


Nottingham Central Library, NG1 6HP

Open Monday to Friday 8.30am-7pm

and Saturday 9am-4pm


>> IN FOCUS: Art - Science - Nature



Objects, Installation, Photography, Video


Objects, photographs and film that shows colourful, weird, and playful interpretations around the topic of ‘shoes’ from artists Verok Gnos, Jutta Hieret, Iris Kamlah and Gloria Keller. This exhibition explores the stories, symbols, fairytales, humour and emotions where shoes play a central role.


Nottingham, Urban Rooms >> 2018-2024

38 Carrington Street, NG1 7FG



Einladungskarte Karlsruhe in Nottingham: IN FOCUS und CINDERELLA'S DELIGHT
Einladungskarte Karlsruhe in Nottingham: IN FOCUS und CINDERELLA'S DELIGHT
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2016 Judy Liebert, Nottingham (UK):  PAINTING BASELITZ’S BOTTOM

08.10. – 30.10.2016


Judy Liebert, Nottingham (UK)

Installation, Collages, Oil and Acrylic Painting


Judy Liebert (70) is a very versatile, engaged feminist and environmentally conscious artist who asks the question "What is the purpose of Art today?". She has, for example, together with her husband, the architect Julian Marsh, transformed the site of a disused meat factory in Nottingham into an award-winning low-energy house (winning both architectural and environmental prizes). In 2011 she received a prize worth £ 5,000 as Best First Time Exhibitor at the Royal Academy London Summer Exhibition for her work ,Dreaming a House ', integrally associated with the low-energy house project – the commendation reads: …"The artist stitched the architectural drawings done by her husband, architect Julian Marsh, of their new Nottingham house onto a bedcover. "…


Judy Liebert often works with installations, her work is provocative and narrative. In Karlsruhe she will show some of her 'Shock & Awe' work, as well as a large work titled "Painting Baselitz's Bottom"; the picture was painted in response to an interview in one of the more serious German news magazines (Der Spiegel), in which Georg Baselitz makes derogatory remarks about women artists and reduces the assessment of their skills to the marketability of their work.


Artist's Talk 

Judy Liebert talks about her work and among other things about Baselitz’s claim " ... that women are the poorer artists."… (Spiegel interview 21.01.2013)




Judy Liebert, Hieroglyph
Judy Liebert, Hieroglyph

Twin Towns Exhibitions 2009

40th anniversary of the twinning of Nottingham with Karlsruhe


The town partnership between Nottingham and Karlsruhe was established in 1969 in the spirit of the union of Europe. From this time on, the co-operation between the two towns has developed on a number of different levels. One of the most important is in the field of the arts and culture.

Nottingham and Karlsruhe also have a long tradition of cultural partnership including sporting, musical and theatre exchanges over many years. More recently, the cities have been working towards a more strategic cultural cooperation agreement to build on the extensive work already underway.


An agreement was signed during Karlsruhe's Oberbürgermeister's (Mayor) visit to Nottingham from 15th to 17th October. This agreement has the potential to accelerate Nottingham's international work on culture, and to bring about some exciting new opportunities for the city's sport, music, theatre, contemporary arts, and much more.


The exhibition Opening Eyes. GEDOK — Women's Picture of Art  was part of the celebrations to mark the 40th anniversary of the twinning of Nottingham with Karlsruhe.




Opening Eyes. GEDOK — Women's Picture of Art

10.10. - 21.10.2009 - Angel Row Gallery, Nottingham



Christine Bauer

Beatemarie Busch
Anina Gröger

Marie-Hélène Hettler-Desrue

Jutta Hieret / Ute Reisner

Monika Kaeser

Sylvia Kiefer,
Heidi Knapp

Hannelore Lücke-Rausch,
Lilo Maisch

Renate Schweizer,

Petra Weiner-Jansen


The wide ranging works include oil paintings on canvass, objects made out of textiles, digital sound scapes, sculptures and photographs.

Jutta Hieret, Photomontage from musicclip Jutta Hieret/Ute Reisner "Music Against the Cold Space", 2009
Jutta Hieret, Photomontage from musicclip Jutta Hieret/Ute Reisner "Music Against the Cold Space", 2009

Danica Maier „Midlands & Tooraloorals“

8.05. - 14.06.2009 - GEDOK Künstlerinnenforum


 The GEDOK is delighted to have been able to commission Danica Maier, an internationally renowned artist, to undertake a new installation called "Midlands & Tooraloorals" at the GEDOK Women Artists Forum, inspired by the unique and exquisite Lace Collection at Nottingham Trent University. With her dedication to the intersection of traditional handcraft and contemporary art, Maier creates installations using dressmakers' pins and soft, sensuous lace ribbon.


Initially the scopious installation appears as a complex decorative matrix or web of lace ribbon. The camouflaged drawings within the decorative pattern and the lace ribbon, forces an immediacy and engagement that challenges the viewer to immerse themselves in the work before them.

Maier's corruption of the traditional authoritativeness of handcraft and the association with lace confounds the viewers' expectations in a potentially shocking way. Maier investigates the powerful associations that a domestic and handcrafted material has and uses the imagery in its ultimate form to 'question' those very affiliations. The viewer is invited to understand the materials and to return to the controversial issues with the intention of re-addressing and re-contextualising the initial understanding. Maier's ambition endeavours to alter the viewers responsiveness, perception and insight, and ultimately both consciousness and awareness. It is only when the viewer spends time with the work, when they move within its space, that the true nature of the allegory or allegories begin to reveal itself. The revelation of the hidden imagery provokes questions about the original understanding of the materiality of the installation and the comfortable viewpoint that the viewer has occupied for themselves.


Danica Maier  is Senior Lecturer for Fine Arts at the Nottingham Trent University. Her family originated from Bissingen an der Teck, Germany. Originally from Philadelphia, Maier graduated in painting in the U.S.A., then moved to the UK to study at Goldsmiths College, London, "Textiles in Contemporary Art Practice". In her professional career Maier has exhibited extensively worldwide (U.K.; U.S.A; Asia; South America; Eastern Europe); this is her first personal exhibition in Germany.




Danica Maier Working, Pressefoto
Danica Maier Working, Pressefoto
Danica Maier & Team beim Aufbau im Künstlerinnenforum, 2009
Danica Maier & Team beim Aufbau im Künstlerinnenforum, 2009

Dovetail — trinational Creative Writing Project. GRUNDTVIG programme of Lifelong Learning Partnership (LLP)

EU-funded GRUNDTVIG programme of Lifelong Learning Partnership (LLP)


GEDOK - Nottingham Writers' Studio - 5K Központ Kft. Budapest


Lifelong Learning Partnerships were conceived to be collaborations of various types of institutions involved in adult education. It was expected that the content and areas of interest in the field of general adult education of the learning partnership were to be developed together.


The DOVETAIL Lifelong Learning Partnership was involved with the area of "Creative Writing". Cultural exchanges were used as a vehicle to further cultural understanding and expand the English language ability of all the participants involved. The main goals of the project were to take the ideas and experience of those participating and enable them to "write their stories" down. Regular local meetings were planned in all three project partner cities, as well as three tri-national joint workshops in each of the three project partner cities. Each of the tri-national workshops was deemed to be the most important cooperative activity on a truely international / European level.


The DOVETAIL partnership in Karlsruhe was financed by the EU GRUNDTVIG's National Agency NAA at BIBB (Federal Institute for Vocational Training) and through the Department of Culture at the city's Town Hall.


The "lingua franca" of the overall project was English, whereby the "local workshops" in Karlsruhe were in German and in Budapest in Hungarian. The GEDOK was fortunate to have two members of the organising team that have Hungarian roots and a project coordinator whose mother tongue was English.

1st of August 2012 through 31st of July2014


A first of the three international six-day workshops was from the 12th to the 17th of February, 2013 in Nottingham, UK and organised by the Nottingham Writers' Studio. The second from the 4th to the 9th of June 2013 a further 6-day workshop was held in Budapest Hungary and was organised by 5K Központ Kft Budapest, Hungary. The third workshop took place from the 8th to the 13th of May 2014 in Karlsruhe, Germany during the European Culture Days (Europäische Kulturtage).


Four anthologies document both visually and more importantly textually, material written during the inspirational workshops. The texts were created by the DOVETAIL project participants and reflect their stories about themselves, stories about their lives, stories about their cities, stories about their history, stories about their culture and stories about their experiences during this time.


DOVETAIL Anthologies


Nottingham Workshop February 2013 - Nottingham Anthology 2013 - Download PDF (6 MB)


Budapest Workshop June 2013 - Budapest Anthology 2013


Karlsruhe Workshop May 2014 - Karlsruhe Anthology 2014 - Download PDF (4 MB)


Dovetail - Telling Our Stories 2012-2014