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Expositions & Events. CALL FOR TENDER 2024 | 10 years of projekt3drei

Funnel of Happiness. Submission period: 12 to 26 May (24:00) 2024

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of projekt3drei, we cordially invite everyone who takes photos to use their camera to capture what the happiness funnels of our time could be and what they bring us.


Works created using the Kl may and should also be submitted.

We look forward to receiving your submissions!


>> Further information an Prerequisite for participation


Exhibition opening: Saturday, 30.11.2024


Duration of the exhibition: 1st to 22 December 2024

The 'Funnel of Happiness' Visualization created by the AI Canva
The 'Funnel of Happiness' celebrated by the crowd in great weather outdoors. Visualization created by the AI Canva, coined as the ‚Funnel of Happiness‘ by ChatGPT, 2023


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